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Zinc Supplement and OysterMax®

Oyster Benefits of Skin The oysters in OysterMax® are specifically targeted for harvesting to provide the maximum amount of trace elements available. Oysters are the highest natural source of zinc, 10 times higher in fact than the next source, which is red meat.

However, it also has important zinc co-factors such as manganese, copper and selenium. Taking synthetic zinc on it’s own can be dangerous as too much is as bad as too little and other elements like copper can become depleted if zinc is taken on it’s own.

The trace elements in OysterMax® are balanced with each other as nature intended, because they come from an animal source, not from a chemical factory.

Together these elements along with many of the other micronutrients in OysterMax® provide the building blocks for over 300 enzymes in the body. These are involved in reactions that control everything from the way we look and feel to strong immunity and good sexual health.

What are the Benefits of OysterMax?

Clinical trials on human volunteers have shown that the bioactive compounds in OysterMax® have a direct effect on the anti-oxidant capacity of blood serum.

This effect was seen very quickly. Free radicals in the blood were reduced by 90% within 8 days of starting the treatment. This effect was due partly to the direct anti-oxidant effect of certain bio actives in OysterMax® and also in part due to the discovery that the product increased the production of Glutathione in the body.

Glutathione is a major anti oxidant in the body and it protects all cells from oxidative damage. Oxidative damage, especially in the mitochondria of the cells, causes the cells to produce less energy. As a result all chemical reactions in the body suffer from reduced efficiency. Symptoms include fatigue, compromised immunity, premature ageing and poor sexual health.

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