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OysterMax® Oyster Supplement and Pregnancy


Oyster Supplement for pregnancyPregnancy dramatically increases nutritional demands for expectant mothers and Oyster Supplements can be a significant help. RDA’s for many nutrients increase during this time and also during lactation. For example, the RDA for zinc increases from 8mg daily to 12 mg daily during pregnancy and lactation. The same applies to many other nutrients in your body and Oyster Supplements can help meet those RDA's.

Zinc deficiency during pregnancy has been linked to low birth weight and premature delivery. OysterMax® Oyster Supplement help meet those increased trace element nutritional demands as it contains all the constituents necessary for healthy growth.

Furthermore, OysterMax® oyster supplements can help counteract the fatigue associated with pregnancy and the early days and sleepless nights of your child's life.


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