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About OysterMax® Oyster Powder

Marine Healthfoods Ltd. is a highly specialised marine extracts and oyster powder business located in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Unlike many supplement brands on the market we actually produce and market OysterMax® Oyster Powder. We are not solely a marketing agency like 90% of brands of the Oyster Powder market. We have developed, tested and proved our product and we believe this commitment is represented in the finished Oyster Powder goods.

Our mission  is to produce and supply natural Oyster Powder supplements that contain essential nutrients  that our bodies need but cannot produce because of sickness or because they are not available in the modern processed diet.

In addition to our Oyster Powder products, we have collaborated with similar entities in France, Sweden, Germany and the USA. We market products from these companies on our main website. Visit www.gaiabiotech.com for details. We believe the products we promote provide one of the highest quality alternative approaches to health available on the market.

We hope you enjoy our website and if you require any additional information to what is provided here please do not hesitate to contact us via our on-line contact form.

Stephen Kavanagh, MD, Gaia Biotechnology Ltd.